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Just thinking….

About losing weight right now is making me cry. I have so much to take off and the looks of disgust that i get currently… Imagine how they will be in a gym. I don’t think I’ll ever be not obese :( no one is ever going to want me here in this hell hole I’m stuck in :(

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Today marks the day a New Journey Begun

I am a person who has yet to learn how to loves ones self. I was recently told separate occasions my personality was cute but I was not and I felt so low down and unlovable. I won’t lie suicide crossed my mind and I was considering it. I was determined to lose weight. It sounded like a great idea… But then an article I read recently came to mind. The person lost weight and still wasn’t comfortable or particularly happier in her skin. I can’t do that to my self, otherwise I’ll be back to where I am now. So I decided before I even begin a weight loss journey I’ll start a journey where I learn to love my self. Fully. Mind, body and soul. So the whole landscape of this blog will probably change fewer reviews more personal and raw posts. Thank you in advance for the support.

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Friendships as of late

I sit back and I think back to my relationships with friends and it’s not the same. Nothing is the same with anyone. I feel as if I have no friends no matter what I’m told, no matter what tattoo I have I feel utterly alone. And it’s not their fault… I’m not one to reach out with my feelings to possibly dispel their happiness. Posting this will be probably the closest I get to expressing these feelings. I feel like the awful bystander stuck in a crowd of people who know each other and won’t move to let you get to where you need to be.

It’s really a crushing and debilitating reality for me that things have gotten this way. But I don’t know what to do to make the difference. I feel as if expressing my feelings won’t be enough because people will be hurt and that won’t help jack shit. So I guess this is where I herby announce I give up. It is what it is, right?

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Honesty is the Best Policy.

Let’s be honest guys! I absolutely adore my job, and it’s best thing to happen to me. I wouldn’t give it up. The sad part is… it’s the only thing in my life that brings me joy. The rest of my life depresses me. :/ I hate the rest of my life.